Three Secrets to Achieving Fitting Success

fitting fundamentals Dec 21, 2021

Today I am sharing an edited version of a workshop I did a few years ago that shared some really good advice on how to prepare yourself for fitting.

Everything I share in this presentation is perfect for you if you’re new to garment sewing and are beginning to struggle with fitting, or if you’ve come back from a long break from sewing for yourself and have discovered that patterns just don’t fit like they used to. If you’re an experienced sewer and an accomplished fitter, you’ll likely find these secrets, not so secret, but a good overview of the basics.

The video is just over 20 minutes long so settle in with a glass or orange juice, a cup of tea or a glass of wine. The pace is perfect for a little break from whatever you were doing and might spark and solution to a fitting issue you may be facing.

For more information on the process of fitting, pull out The Perfect Fit Guide. If you don't have it on hand, you can sign up to receive it HERE.

You can learn more about the course Fitting Essentials: How to Make Sewing Patterns Fit You, CLICK HERE. I will be enrolling students in the next session of this 8 week online course in January.

Did I get you curious about fitting order? I highly recommend you listen to Episode 197 of the Love to Sew Podcast. I tell you exactly what order to work and why it's important in my conversation with Caroline and Helen.

I hope you enjoy the tips I shared in this video!

All My Best,