Confidently Create Garments that Fit

Your Guide to the In-House Patterns Video Tutorials


As the video tutorials pile up, watchers and readers are starting to ask, "where do I start?" Well, I've got the answer today. If you're new to the In-House Patterns community, here's your path to navigating the tutorials according to your area of interest. Watch the video for all the details and follow the links below.


The Perfect Fit Guide

If you are an avid garment sewer and struggling with fitting your sewing projects, I want you to start by downloading your free copy of The Perfect Fit Guide. The guide will be sent directly to your inbox so that you can download and print it. The Perfect Fit Guide will be followed up with subsequent emails that will give you additional resources and worksheets to help with fitting your sewing projects.

Fitting Fundamentals

There are a few videos that are directly related to The Perfect Fit Guide so you’ll want to watch them first. You’ll find these videos under Fitting Fundamentals. This...

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