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The Forward Neck Pattern Adjustment


Two Methods to Correct Forward Head Posture in Your Sewing Patterns

Are you struggling with fitting issues caused by forward head posture?
In this video, I'll show you an example of a forward head posture and two ways to adjust the pattern for this fitting issue.

First Adjustment Method:

Raising the Back Neckline and Moving the Shoulder Seam Forward: Learn how to create slash lines on your pattern to adjust the back neckline and shoulder seam. This method ensures that the back neckline is raised, the shoulder seam is moved forward, and the front neck drop is lowered, maintaining balance and fit.

Sleeve Adjustment: Discover how to modify your sleeve pattern to accommodate the changes made to the armhole, ensuring a seamless fit.

Second Adjustment Method:

Adjusting the Neckline Without Changing the Shoulder Point: This method is perfect if the shoulder line position is correct, but the back neck is too low, and the front neck is too high. We guide you through creating slash lines to...

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