A Peek Inside a Fitting Essentials Live Group Session


The Fitting Essentials course is currently in full swing. If you missed your opportunity to enrol in the current session but would like to get a peek inside one of our Live Group Sessions, this video is for you.

This session ran at the end of our third week of the course so the students have worked through the first three steps of the Fitting Essentials process. They've chosen their pattern size, completed their pattern measurement worksheet and were in the midst of finalizing their initial pattern adjustments.

Since these three steps happen before the first sample is created, I thought it was a good time to review and summarize the lessons to paint a full picture of everything that can be learned an accomplished when you approach the fitting process in a step by step methodical way.

If you'd like to put the guidance I've offered in this video into action, get your copy of The Perfect Fit Guide. In it you'll get the Fitting Essentials framework which outlines all the fitting steps we work through inside the course.

With the guide in hand, watch the video for tips on:

  • Choosing your size (and why your cup size is so important)
  • What you learn by filling out the Pattern Measurement Worksheet (included with the guide)
  • What order you need to do your pattern adjustments in for a successful first sample.

If you enjoyed this little sneak peek inside the Fitting Essential Live Group Session, be sure to sign up for the waitlist so you'll be notified when enrolment opens again. Join the Waitlist Now.

I'll chat with you soon!