Pattern Fundamentals: The Bust Circle Defined


In the last couple of weeks we’ve been talking about fitting necklines. As you’ve seen in the previous videos, there are definitely some special considerations when fitting your pattern to this area of the body.

Posture plays an important role in the placement of the neck opening as I demonstrated in the forward neck video and body contours or shape will also impact the way a neckline fits as I showed in the video about neck balance.

This week I wanted to dive even deeper into how the contours of the body affect the fit of the neckline as well as the armhole and introduce you to something called the bust circle.

In this video I'll explain what I mean by body contours and show you how to determine the size of the bust circle and how to draw it on your basic pattern.  All this in preparation for mapping contour or gape darts that will solve issues with gaping necklines and armholes.


All My Best Alexandra

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