How to Add a Size to a Sewing Pattern


We all have a sewing pattern or two in our collection that we would love to make again but doesn’t include the size we currently need. To help you solve that problem I’m going to show you a technique you can use to add a size to an existing pattern.

This week I am featuring the Belle sewing pattern and showing you how to use the existing graded nest to increase the pattern size. If you’d like to follow along using the Belle sewing pattern you can find it HERE. However, this tutorial is applicable to any sewing pattern.

I’m going to show you how to add one size to the Belle pattern which will increase the pattern’s girth measurements by 11/2” or 3.8 cm. If you need to increase the size further, simply follow the same method to increase the pattern by an additional size. If you happen to be using a different pattern, you’ll need to check the measurement gap between the sizes to determine how much you’ll be adding to the pattern using this method.

Watch the video for the step by step method.

Now that you know how to increase the size of the front pattern piece, go ahead and use this method to increase the size of the remaining pattern pieces. The technique is exactly the same.

Next week, I’m going to share an inside look at how I prepare the Belle sewing pattern for fitting and what my initial pattern adjustments look like so that I can fit my pattern before I sew. I hope you’ll follow along with me using your own pattern.

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