Fitting Knits: How to Make a Back Contour Adjustment on a T-Shirt Pattern


Last week we talked about bust adjustments on a t-shirt pattern, this week I'd like to address how to handle back contour shaping. Age and posture can take a toll on the body and sometimes can result in more rounded shoulders and back. In order to achieve a good and comfortable fit in your garments you'll likely need to make a pattern adjustment to accommodate this body shape so today we'll cover the upper-back and mid-back contour shape adjustments.

Watch the video now to see how it's done.

If you'd like to learn about stretch fabric pattern making, I invite you to look into my online course The Custom Stretch Knit Bodice. You'll learn how to draft a basic T-shirt using your own body measurements. I'll leave a link for you on this page.

If you're not interested in drafting your own T-Shirt I have a pattern you can use. It's called the Jenny Tee and you can find it at For more information about how the Jenny pattern fits take a look at this video: Fitting Knits: How to Determine Negative Ease on the Jenny Tee

I hope you enjoyed this fitting knits video series. If you have comments and questions use the comment section below to share them.

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