How to Solve Knit Fitting Issues-Part 2

fitting knits Apr 30, 2019

This week we’re continuing the Fitting Knits video series. If you happen to missed the previous episodes, you can find them HERE.

Today I'm going to address those diagonal draglines at the side of the bust and that excess fabric at the back waist. I think you'll be surprised at how I'd suggest to correct this.

Before we continue on with Robin’s fit assessment, I want to remind you about a free download that I’ve created that will help you with assessing the fit of your own projects. It’s called The Good Fit Checklist. It contains information on how to recognize a good fit, how to diagnose fitting issues and the order you need to work to solve them. Sign up to receive your copy; it’s absolutely free.

Now watch the video to see how to solve a few more of Robin’s fitting issues.

So did I surprise you with that bust adjustment? This is a bust fitting technique I share inside my online course, The Custom Stretch Knit Bodice Block. If you’ve ever wanted to create a custom sized t-shirt this just might be the course for you. 

I wanted to take a moment to thank Robin for being the subject of this month’s video series. Robin, thank you for sharing your photos. I hope you’ll try the fitting techniques I shared and get back to me on your progress. I can’t promise that all the issues are solved but you should be on track for a better fitting t-shirt after these changes. I hope the fitting fairy (if one exists) grants you even more patience and perseverance to go with the knowledge you’ve gained.

All My Best,



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