Four Pattern Alteration Mistakes You May Be Making [That Are Affecting the Fit of Your Garment]

quick tips Sep 10, 2019

If you’re on my email list, you’ll already know I sent you something special last week. It was so special in fact, that I got over 40 thank you emails for sending it out. So if you haven’t opened an email from me in a while, you’ll want to check the latest one for sure. I’ve been giving away some of my best stuff lately.

Wondering what it was? Well, let me tell you.

It was my recently updated Perfect Fit Guide. It’s an 8-page guide that outlines the six steps to getting the right fit on your sewing projects and even includes the Pattern Measurement Worksheet which just happens to be the perfect companion to the guide.


Today I want to talk about the 4 pattern alteration mistakes you may be making that are affecting the way your garment ultimately fits. This is covered in step six of the guide, but I’ve got a feeling most of you are glossing over this section, so here we go:

Mistake #1: You make your pattern alterations on the cut line of the pattern.

Various Full Bust AdjustmentTutorials

Mistake #2:  Your pattern is not flat after you complete your pattern alteration.

The Rounded Back Adjustment

The Prominent Shoulder Blade Adjustment

Mistake #3 You are not truing the darts.

How to True Darts and Manage Dart Volume

Mistake #4: You’re not walking your pattern.

Take a Walk

How to Correct Seam Line Lengths

What is Seam Line Ease?

Watch the video for all the details!

So tell me, have you been making any of these mistakes? If you have been, take a few minutes to study some of the videos I’ve linked to. You’ll find if you make pattern precision a priority, the fit of your garments will improve.

Thanks for watching! I’ll chat with you soon!

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