January 2021 Live Q&A

ask alex Jan 25, 2021

Thank you to everyone who joined in on the Live Q&A Session on January 21, 2021! I am pleased to share the recording with you today.

We chatted about where I'll be focusing my energy this year and shared information about the upcoming Fitting Essentials enrolment dates, current online course offerings, In-House Patterns sewing patterns and the new courses I'll be developing this year.

As promised here are the links to those resources:

Fitting and Pattern Making Tutorials: https://www.inhousepatternsstudio.com/

The Perfect Fit Guide: https://www.inhousepatternsstudio.com...

Fitting Essentials Waitlist: https://inhousepatterns.mykajabi.com/...
Enrolment Opens March 2nd and course starts on March 8th and runs for 8 weeks.

On Demand Online Courses:
The Custom Stretch Knit Bodice: https://www.inhousepatternsstudio.com...
Designed to Fit: The Bodice Block: https://www.inhousepatternsstudio.com...

Sewing Patterns: https://inhousepatterns.com/
Fitting Essentials Size Chart (sizes 2-14 and 12-24) All new sewing patterns will be available in these sizing categories.

Standard Size Chart (Sizes 0-16) Legacy sewing patterns in original pattern sizing.

Private Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/inhousepatternsstudio

The Q&A portion of the live was approximately one hour long and was primarily focused on fitting pants, however, we also discussed bust cup sizing and princess seams in some detail as well. 

Here are links to the resources mentioned during the Q&A:

Australian Sewing Guild: Industry Day will be Held on March 27th (Sydney time) I will be participating and have created two special training videos for the event. 
Three Ways to Determine Your Cup Size
The Armhole/Sleeve Connection
Visit https://aussew.org.au/ for and announcement coming soon!

All my videos on fitting pants can be found HERE. Definitely watch them all, there are many tips that will be useful to you.

The Bria Pattern Design Project is not currently available but will be back again so keep an eye out for an announcement later this year.

We'll do another Q&A in February to answer more of your submitted questions. Watch your email for a link next month!

How to Measure Yourself

I hope you enjoy the video and you find the information helpful!

All My Best,