The Forward Shoulder Pattern Adjustment


Have you ever noticed that some garments just don't sit right on your shoulders?

The forward shoulder adjustment might be the solution you've been looking for. In this video tutorial, I share two essential techniques to rectify this common fitting issue.

The forward shoulder adjustment is helpful for those whose shoulder line sits more forward than average and addresses the unique curvature of your shoulder, ensuring a more comfortable fit and a better sleeve hang.

Technique 1: The Seam Position Change

This method is straightforward and popular, perfect for minor adjustments without altering the overall fit of your bodice.

This adjustment is excellent if your only issue is the shoulder seam position. However, it requires a corresponding sleeve adjustment to maintain proper fit. By moving the notch on your sleeve forward, you ensure the sleeve sits correctly on your body without altering its overall shape.

Technique 2: The True Forward Shoulder Adjustment

For those experiencing more dramatic fit issues—such as excess fabric in the front or tightness in the back—this method provides a more comprehensive solution:

This adjustment alters the garment's measurement distribution, providing a better fit across both the bodice and the sleeve. By reshaping the armhole and adjusting the sleeve, this method ensures that the garment sits comfortably on your body.

In the video, I'll demonstrate these adjustments step-by-step, making it easy to follow along.

Elevate Your Fitting Skills

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Ready to transform your sewing projects? Watch the full video tutorial now and take another step toward beautifully fitting garments.


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