Pattern Design Project: BRIA Part 3

bria design project Nov 07, 2021

In the last video lesson we completed the basic draft for the Bria lounge pants. I hope the draft went quickly and easily for you. If things are looking a bit odd, double check your draft calculations, often this is where things get a bit off track.

In this video I want to share some tips on refining the draft before we create the final pattern. We'll alter the waist line, refine the hemline of the shorts and talk about the back crotch extension and how to alter it if you need to.

If you missed getting the Bria drafting instructions, you can get your copy by clicking on the image below.

Once you have completed the pattern refinements, you're ready to add seam and hem allowances. In the next lesson I'll share all the details on what seam allowances and pattern labeling to use, give you a general guide to assembling your Bria's and give you a peak at the final garment.  

While you wait for the next lesson to drop, double check your pattern work. I’ve shared a lot in this lesson so just pause and play the video when you need to. You can also experiment with drafting these in another size. Practice does make perfect after all.

If you’re beginning to fall in love with pattern drafting be sure to check out my other online pattern drafting classes: Designed to Fit: The Bodice Block and The Custom Stretch Knit Bodice Block.

See you next week!

All My Best,