Designed to Fit: The Custom Stretch Knit Skirt Block

pattern fundamentals May 30, 2022

Introducing the recently updated online course Designed to Fit:  The Custom Stretch Knit Skirt Block!

In this course you will learn the foundations of stretch knit pattern making by developing a dartless stretch knit skirt based on your personal body measurements and the stretch ratio of your chosen fabric. Through this exercise you will gain the foundational knowledge and skills needed to successfully design uniquely you stretch knit pattern designs.

Add this online course to your In-House Patterns Studio course library today and get step by step guidance on developing a dartless stretch knit skirt block. You’ll take your body measurements, determine the stretch ratio of your chosen fabric and draft a custom size pattern using that information. I’ll show you how to balance your draft, adjust it for a tilted waist as well as how to check and true your pattern to perfection. You’ll also work through refining the fit of your block, making it the perfect foundation to start creating your own, made to measure, knit pattern designs.

I’ve even included three pattern design projects to get you started. These include the Perfect Pencil Skirt, The Asymmetrical Drape Skirt and the Asymmetrical Flared Skirt. Each project adding another level to your pattern design skills.

I love pattern making and I know you’ll love it too.  It’s a technical skill that unlocks creativity and puts the power of the perfect fit in your hands.  Developing a set of custom size basic blocks is truly the single most effective method of creating garments that fit.  I can’t wait to show you exactly how to create and use your custom size sloper.  So let’s get started! I’ll see you in the first lesson!


  • Alexandra Morgan of In-House Patterns will show you step by step how to draft your custom stretch knit skirt using your personal body measurements and the stretch ratio of your chosen fabric.
  • You'll learn how to calculate measurement reductions for the perfect amount of negative ease, you'll balance, check and true your draft.
  • You'll get instruction on constructing your skirt as well as assessing the fit using the downloadable Fit Guide that will help you assess and solve for the most common skirt fitting issues.
  • Finally you'll learn how to make your perfectly fitting stretch knit skirt block into a master pattern for each fabric stretch ratio.
  • This is the best class to get started with stretch knit pattern making. It's prefect for experienced sewers who want to explore stretch knit pattern making.


  • Included in this course are bonus lessons on how to use your custom stretch knit skirt block to create the perfect pencil skirt, an asymmetrical drape skirt and an asymmetrical flared skirt. All designed to increase your pattern making skills.
  • You'll learn how to create directional shirring, circular flounces, yokes and flare so you'll be able to move on to designing your own uniquely you skirt designs.


  • Perfect for budding pattern makers! No previous pattern making experience is necessary but experience sewing with knit will be helpful as this is a pattern making course not a sewing class.
  • Study at your own pace convenience. No start or end date, you have access to the lessons for as long as you need them.
  • Ask questions and get answers through the comment section below each video lesson (text only).
  • PDF guides and downloads available to aid and enhance your learning.


  • This course does not include one to one fitting guidance. To help you work through your personal fit assessment, I have included a video lesson on how to assess fit as well as a PDF document called "The Fitting Guide" which illustrates the most common skirt fitting issues along with the pattern alteration solutions. I walk you through how to use the guide in one of the video lessons inside the course.
  • This course will guide you through the development of a dartless skirt block (with an elastic waist) for knit fabrics. The block is intended to fit using negative ease based on the stretch ratio of the fabric you choose in order to eliminate dart volumes. Some fit adjustments will automatically create dart shaping so your final block may end up having darts if they are required for a good fit.
  • If you have questions about this course, please ask them HERE.


I hope you'll join me!

All My Best,