A Pattern Fundamentals Design Project: Ava Part 4


 We are nearing the finish line for the Ava pattern making project. I hope you’ve been following along and doing the pattern work along with me. If you missed the previous tutorials, click the links below to join in.

A Pattern Fundamentals Design Project: Ava Part 1

A Pattern Fundamentals Design Project: Ava Part 2

A Pattern Fundamentals Design Project: Ava Part 3

2020 is the year you pick up some valuable pattern making skills and use them to create something you can actually wear. 

Last week we finished off the back pattern piece so we’re ready to move on to the sleeve and create the neckline facing. Watch the video to get all the details.

For those of you who already have a personal bodice block, I encourage you to try following along with me using your block. You'll gain the most experience and knowledge by doing so.

If you don't have a personal bodice block and want to create one, I have a very comprehensive online course that will walk you through the entire process from drafting through fitting.

⭐️ Here's what Diane said about the Designed to Fit: The Bodice Block course:

"Hi Alexandra, your course is great. I've worked very carefully and managed to make a toile which almost fits. It's straight and the bust points are in the right place. If I let out the side seams and add a bit more ease I think I may have got it right. Thank you for such a professional process and your encouraging emails."


You can learn all about that online course HERE. This video series will be ready and waiting for you when you've successfully completed your block.

For those of you who just want to have a bit of fun and put pattern fitting aside for the moment, I've created some scaled block patterns that you can download and print so you can still benefit from learning these valuable pattern manipulation techniques.

Download the Scaled Torso Block Pattern Set

No matter how you choose to participate, I hope you'll join me in the Ava design project. If you’re working on the Ava pattern along with me, show me your work! You can tag me @inhousepatterns on Instagram and Facebook and use the hashtags #Ava, #inhousepatterns #inhousepatternsstudio.


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