The Curated Closet Update

news for you Aug 13, 2019

Two years ago I purchased the book The Curated Closet by Anushka Rees.

I started out in earnest and managed to do a closet clean out, an inspiration board and a two-week wardrobe analysis, then promptly moved on to more urgent things. But completing this small portion of the project did provide some insight which I share rather openly HERE.

Last week I shared my musings and discovered that I wasn't alone in how I felt about my aging, weight gain and lifestyle change. So many people responded and shared very similar stories. [feels so good to be validated!]

This week I share the garments I've made in the last two years and what I've discovered about my style preferences along the way. I show you the wardrobe wins, the fabric choice fails, and two things I did for myself that have changed how I feel about growing older.

I confess, the video isn't short, so it's a good idea to settle in with a beverage, then hit play. There just wasn't anything I felt could be edited out so you get me unscripted, just like you would if I was having the conversation directly with you.

I hope you enjoy the company while you sip your beverage.

If you'd like to keep up to date on my sewing projects I share them on Instagram @inhousepatterns. Social media is tough for me, I'm trying to post regularly but I can't seem to get consistent so I usually post in bursts.

All My Best,

If you have a question about something I've mentioned in the video, just comment below and I'll clarify.