The Armhole Sleeve Connection

fitting sleeves Jun 29, 2021

Oh those sleeves!

If you've been struggling with fitting sleeves you are in exactly the right place. Today is the day you'll get the guidance and insight you need to make those sleeves fit. In this video you're going to discover what a good fitting armhole looks like and how each part of the sleeve relates to the armhole it is set to.

Before we can even consider the sleeve we must first consider the armhole the sleeve will be set to. For the purpose of this video, I'll be talking specifically about a standard set in sleeve for woven garments and using the Kayla sewing pattern from my Fitting Essentials online course as an example.

A good armhole for a standard set-in sleeve is dependent on getting a lot of things right on the bodice. The shoulder slope, the armhole depth, the across back, the across front and the armhole width all must be correct before you can begin to assess sleeve fit.

Watch the video now to take a look at what a good armhole might look like on your pattern and how the sleeve should correspond to it.

I've shared a ton of information with you in this video so in order to make it easier for you to put what you've learned into action,  I've created a free downloadable worksheet for you. Just go to to get your copy.

I've often described sleeve fitting as a very fine dance between the armhole, bicep girth, cap height and sleeve head ease. In order for the sleeve to fit, all of these elements must be working well together. While I'll agree that sleeve fitting can be almost as challenging as fitting pants, I have no doubt that the information I shared with you today will help you achieve a great fitting sleeve. 

I'll chat with you soon!

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