Quick Tips for Patterns that Fit: Troubleshooting Your Bicep Girth Adjustment

quick tips Feb 06, 2018

Recently I got an email from Gigi. She shared a lovely compliment, made a very valid comment about a blog post I did some time ago and asked a very good question. She suggested that her struggle with bicep girth adjustments was shared by many so in this week's video I share my reply to her email.

Watch the video now to get the whole story.

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If you happen to be a Threads Magazine insider, you might also find this article by Kathleen Cheetham useful: Fitting Plus Size SleevesThis article can also be found in issue 185 June/July 2016. If you happen to have that issue on hand, you'll also see this on page 34.

PPS to Gigi
Thanks for your question and comments Gigi. Hopefully I said your name correctly, my sincerest apologies if I got it wrong. I do hope that this has helped to some degree. If you are still finding this a real challenge, I suggest you experiment with different sleeve styles that might accommodate the bicep girth such as a slightly flared sleeve for instance. Your struggle is very valid and it will take some experimenting to come up with the perfect solution. Keep at it, it will come. :)