Practice Makes Progress


No doubt you've heard this cliche before: "practice makes perfect". Although this is generally used as a form of encouragement, I prefer the phrase practice makes progress.

Of course in order to make progress it's important to practice new skills mindfully, with focus and attention. As this author states: 

"An hour training session with a wandering mind can drastically decrease the learning process. Eight minutes a day of mindfulness has been shown to be the minimum amount of time to start seeing physical changes in the attention centers of the brain."

Eight minutes minimumI point this out because, based on the "minutes viewed" data on my tutorials, most of us struggle to stay attentive for more than 3 minutes. While this could say something about my ability to create engaging videos, consider how much information you may be missing in those remaining 5 minutes.

Of course this equation becomes insolvable without adding in patience and perseverance because good things take time. 

I love this advice:

"Don’t rush the process and be sure not to get caught up in judging yourself for not progressing as quickly as you would like to. The more pressure you put on yourself the more time it will take. Relax, and let natural learning take place."

This is excellent advice for any skill you want to master but let's bring it back to fitting mastery.

The path to fitting mastering is generally not a linear one. We may find ourselves at different stages as we discover new techniques or unfamiliar ways of approaching our perceived fitting issues. No matter what stage you find yourself in, remember,

  • mistakes are an integral part of the learning process, embrace failure as a friend in disguise.
  • when your confidence wanes, keep going, this is an opportunity to seek out the resources you need to build your skills.
  • knowledge obtained from a reliable resource can increase your confidence and help you progress further along the path to mastery.
  • progress takes time, don't rush, enjoy the revelations as they come to you. There is joy in small victories along the way.

I hope you enjoyed this little series on the path to fitting mastery. There is much more to come so stay tuned.

I'll chat with you soon!

All My Best,