How to Get a Professional Finish [Hints from a Factory Sewing Floor]


Last week we talked about seam allowances and how varying them can help you get a professional finish on your handmade garments. If you missed that post, you can watch it here: How to Get a Professional Finish [Seam Allowances]

This week I was going to jump right into how the order of sewing steps can stream line your sewing, but since last week’s video sparked quite a bit of interest about the fashion industry, I thought you might like to take an inside look at a factory sewing floor, so I’ve pulled out some photos from a trip to Shanghai that I did way back in 2005.

While in Shanghai, I met with our counterparts, who served as technical translators between the company I worked for and the factories who produced the garments. As a special treat they took us to visit one of the factories that produced our goods.

Watch the video to learn about garment production, get all the details of the trip and see some photos of the factory floor. 

If you enjoyed this little sneak peak, drop your comments and questions below.

Next week we’ll get back to our conversation and talk about what’s referred to in the industry as the “order of operations” and give you some tips on how prepping you garment pieces before you sit down to sew can save you loads of sewing time and help you achieve the professional finish you’re looking for.

I hope you enjoy the video!

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