Failure is Your Friend


Last week, I shared the four stages you generally go through on the path to fitting mastery.

As you move along the path through the four stages you'll undoubtedly be confronted with failure. While we all try to avoid it, failure is an extremely important part of achieving mastery in a subject, as long as you are able to consider it a helpful friend.

I know you've heard it before, but have you embraced it?

If you're not quite there yet, the key is to learn from the failure. Take a step back, zoom out and consider what may have gone wrong and how you might approach it differently based on the new knowledge the failure brought to the surface.

Those who succeed are those most willing to experience failure first.

With failure comes new knowledge as long as you move through the process like this: develop a hypothesis, test it out, analyze the results, develop another hypothesis and continue until you succeed.

This looks alot like the sample making cycle which I am sure you find very frustrating but if you consider this "deliberate practice" and focus on quality over quantity, you'll find that frustration can be dissipated. Add to this some expert advice and a proven method of work, I think you'll find that the path becomes much clearer.

Next week, I'll share a little more on the path to fitting mastery. In the meantime tell me if you've embraced failure as friend in disguise. You can share your thoughts HERE and HERE.

I'll chat with you soon!

All My Best,