Lila: A New Pattern from In-House Patterns

news for you Sep 01, 2020

For me, September always marks a new start. While we are all still clearly trying to find solid ground during this challenging year, a new season always feels like something good might be just around the corner. If you feel that way too, I hope what I share today will be welcome news.

If you've followed any of my fitting tutorials, downloaded The Perfect Fit Guide or taken any of my online classes, you already know how helpful the horizontal and vertical balance lines can be in assessing fit. While I deeply believe this method works, I know it has been difficult for you to put this into action because these markings are not provided on most commercial sewing patterns, so today I am announcing a new In-House Patterns sewing pattern that includes some extra special features.

This is Lila. This pattern is available in a new size range and packaged in a new digital mini-class format.  When you purchase this pattern you get access to an In-House Patterns Studio account where you'll find the PDF pattern files and helpful video tutorials specific to the pattern. You'll get fitting guidance, garment construction techniques and pattern design projects that will give you the ability to take this pattern even further. Watch the video for a glimpse of everything that is included.

I am excited to share that this pattern includes more sizing options. The sizes run from 2 to 14 and 12 -24. I've got a detailed sizing guide ready and waiting for you. You can review the size guide in detail HERE. I hope you're excited by the extent of the information I share in the sizing guide. I hope it helps you achieve the fit you're looking for.

To keep things clear and precise the Lila pattern file is set up so that each size is on its own layer which means you can print only your size. To make fitting and pattern alterations easier I've included the seam lines and balance lines on the pattern so  you won't have to guess at their position and you can alter them to fit your personal body measurements and proportions with confidence and ease. 

If you've taken my online course Fitting Essentials, the pattern sizing and pattern features won't be new to you, so I do hope you'll give this pattern a try using everything you learned in the course. I can't wait to see your version of the Lila pattern.

If you haven't taken Fitting Essentials yet, not to worry, you can use what you learned in The Perfect Fit Guide to understand how to use the pattern markings to achieve your best fit. The free guide is included with your purchase.

* Just to be clear, Lila  is the only In-House Patterns sewing pattern currently available in this new size range and digital format. Older patterns have not yet been updated so be sure to check the sizing before you purchase any pattern.*

To get access to the Lila pattern and all the video tutorials that come with it just click on the image below.

If you have questions about the pattern or the sizing, please just comment below or send an email to [email protected]. I hope you find this new digital format convenient and easy to use and l look forward to hearing your feedback and seeing your Lila makes.

I can't wait to see what you create!