Hi, I'm Alexandra.

I teach experienced sewers and budding pattern makers how to make and adjust patterns for fit and style. If you're returning from a long absence from sewing and discovering that patterns just don't fit like they used to, you're in the right place. In fact, I'm sitting here alongside you with many of the same issues, but I've got a not so secret weapon that I'm willing to share with you.

While my Bachelor of Science in Home Economics [they used to call that an MRS. degree], my Bachelor of Applied Arts in Fashion Design along with a 20 year career in the fashion industry as a pattern maker, designer and fit technician have taught me a few things, it wasn't enough.

So, I started my own pattern company. I called it In-House Patterns thinking that perhaps I could create sewing patterns that fit well and resulted in a professional ready to wear look no matter how experienced the sewer. With great attention to detail I created several sewing patterns that accomplished that goal.

But it wasn't enough.

A move to Vancouver Island gave me the opportunity to develop and teach college level pattern making, draping and garment construction courses which taught me that teaching a skill you love is a tremendously rewarding experience.

Still, this wasn't enough.

I soon began working with home sewers like you who wanted to learn about pattern making and fitting for their more mature figures. Although challenging at first, this is where I have acquired the most knowledge and understanding about patterns and fit.

I was gaining some momentum.

Sorting through the fitting challenges faced by others like you ultimately lead me to launch In-House Patterns Studio in response to requests for more in-person workshops and online courses that teach experienced sewers how to make and adjust patterns to fit them.

This is my not so secret weapon:

Although no single experience has taught me everything, the combination of all of my experience has equipped me to teach pattern making and fitting in a way that makes sense to the home sewer. I make it doable, repeatable and understandable.

Here’s what a few clients have said:

“Alexandra is a skilled teacher. Her clear, concise and organized instructions give you confidence that you can do it! She has a warm and generous way of sharing her expertise.”

“Alexandra is extremely knowledgeable and so well prepared. Her lessons were well planned and easy to understand, with lots of hands on learning.”

“Very clearly organized and presented, excellent pacing, really good hands-on practice. Relaxed but professional. Perfect.”

If you are new to In-House Patterns I invite you to get a glimpse of my teaching style with this introduction to the foundational video tutorials on this site:


If you'd like to get started right now, download The Perfect Fit Guide. It's a free step by step workbook that will get you to a better fit faster in just 6 steps.

If you're ready to jump into a pattern making or fitting workshop or course, CLICK HERE to get started.

I'll chat with you soon.