The Skirt Block Mini Class

pattern fundamentals May 02, 2022

It's Here! The time has come!

Each year in May I offer the Skirt Block Mini Class absolutely free. It's just one way that I say thank you to anyone who follows, shares and supports my work.

When you sign up you will  receive the drafting instructions and 5 written lessons sent to you via email that will show you how to use them. It's the perfect project to start with if you want to explore the idea of drafting your own made to measure sewing patterns.


In the past, I taught this class through in-person workshops as an introduction to pattern making because it's the perfect project to learn and practice drafting, refining and fitting techniques. Students learn how to measure themselves, how to apply those measurements to paper and how to draft, refine, check and true a pattern, all of which are foundational skills you need to be a good pattern maker. 

When you've completed all of the email lessons (delivered over 5 days) you will have a basic skirt block that you can test and fit.

Join the Skirt Block Mini Class today.

Be prepared for some fitting refinements. A block pattern is just the starting point and will need to be tweaked to achieve the fit you want. Watch the video tutorial Five Tips to Successfully Fit a Skirt Block when you're ready to test the fit of your skirt.

All My Best,