Fitting Fundamentals: The Live Workshop

On a beautiful sunny Saturday here in Victoria, these ladies and I gathered together for a full day to discuss and practice some practical strategies for recognizing, assessing, and solving fit issues. 

We started out with a review of the Fitting Fundamentals Video Series which sparked great questions for discussion. We talked about how patterns are developed and how we can use that information to help us assess the fit of a garment.

We discussed ten of the most common fitting issues found in woven tops, dresses, and jackets and I demonstrated the pattern adjustments that would correspond with each of the issues. Everyone had the opportunity to practice the pattern adjustments using scaled block patterns so they could take the information home with them and use it long after the workshop.

It was an intense day of learning but so much fun with this dynamic group of experienced and enthusiastic ladies from near and far. 

This was truly a rewarding experience for me and I am so grateful to everyone who attended for enriching the content I delivered with their questions and comments. I will definitely be doing more of these events in the future.

Here are some comments attendants shared after the event:

"I took a chance spending the money to travel from Vernon to attend this workshop and it was worth every penny. Not only will I travel again to attend future workshops I will become a faithful subscriber to all on-line workshops you have to offer. You are a treat to learn from Alexandra. Thank you for a very rewarding day."  Dawne

"I feel so blessed to live in the same city as you and I will take any workshop you have to offer Alexandra - in fact I would take this one again! It was an amazing day on so many fronts - learning, pleasure, a boost in confidence and a treasured memory. It was an absolute bargain!" Kathleen

"Alexandra, I would take a workshop with you again, anytime! You did a wonderful job for your first solo workshop -bravo!  This was excellent value for money, and a really fun day with like minded people. Most important, I feel I learned a lot and am far less confused about fit now! Thank you so much!"  Mitra

"It was a good learning environment and a thoroughly enjoyable day. Pictures of fitting problems were helpful and your technology use made it easy for all of us to see what you were doing in real time. Again, thanks Alexandra for a relaxing day of learning in a lovely setting. This experience was a "steal". Brenda

"It was an awesome experience. Due to circumstances I don't do much sewing at the moment, but I still find the workshop a valuable investment. Alexandra you were amazing! And ladies - you asked great questions. I don't think we left anything uncovered." Daniela

*You can read a participant review of this workshop here.

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