An Invitation

news for you Mar 24, 2020

We are a society currently living through a period of uncertainty. The daily reports of unsettling news are no doubt causing worry and fear so this week I’d like to offer you a break from all of that.

As we collectively keep each other safe and healthy by self-isolating in our homes, we have the opportunity to turn inward and toward the activities that calm and center us. As sewists we are fortunate to be involved in an activity that is proven to reduce stress and anxiety and are a part of a strong online community that readily offers help, support, humour and distraction just when we need it most. I do hope you and your family are riding out this storm in stride.

Since our current situation keeps us safely in our homes, we will likely find ourselves with a little extra time on our hands so I would like to invite you to a live online workshop.

The workshop is called Three Secrets to Achieving Fitting Success: How to Fit Yourself By Yourself Without Frustration and Disappointment

In this workshop I’m going to share the design details that will make fitting easier for you, I’m going to tell you what the sizing chart reveals about fit, I’ll share the three things that you need to know to make a pattern fit you, and the one thing that holds the key to your fitting success.

In addition I’m going to give you a full introduction to my online course Fitting Essentials: How to Make Sewing Patterns Fit You. I only open enrolment to this course once per year so if you’ve been waiting to join, this will be your chance to get all the details and enrol in the course if you choose.

I’m also going to be doing a live Q&A session at the end of the workshop so you’ll have the opportunity to ask me your questions.

I’ll be doing this workshop live, on the Internet, so you can be sitting safely in your sewing room anywhere in the world and still attend this workshop. In order to attend you’ll need to register for the date and time that is most convenient for you. I currently have two dates open, so to check if those dates work for you click on the image below to go to the registration page.

If you sign up for the workshop, I want you to show up live if you can because I’d love to chat with you and answer your questions. However, if none of the dates and times work for you, I want you to sign up anyway because as long as you’re registered I’m going to send you a limited time replay straight to your inbox the very next day, so you’ll be able to watch the workshop when it works best for you.

While the current events we are all going through are far-reaching and worrisome, it’s important to keep things in perspective by following the sound advice we’ve been given and turning to the activities that bring us inner peace and solace. I hope this workshop can offer you a break from the uncertainty you’re feeling and allow you to achieve even greater success with the hobby you love.

I’ll chat with you at the workshop! Sign up today!

All My Best,